Welcome to the DEGAM Standing Committee’s information pages!

Like many of its counterparts abroad, the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM) began developing guidelines that are both scientifically sound and practice tested more than a decade ago. The purpose of the guidelines is to increase the quality of health care and improve the cost-effectiveness of family medical care.

DEGAM Guidelines DEGAM Patient Information Leaflets

Guideline development is conducted in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine and, particularly in the case of S3 guidelines, actively involves users and patients. Furthermore, the guideline's feasibility and acceptance are subject to a practical test prior to publication.

We hope that our internet website will enable us to reach a wide audience of patients, doctors, and health care professionals involved in the development of guidelines. Our aim is further that the structure of our guidelines and the systematic presentation of our texts will enable us to contribute towards continuously improving medical care.

In this spirit, we would like to welcome you to the internet website of the DEGAM Standing Committee (SLK). We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Sincerely yours

The SLK management team